An elected official needs to represent all people. This should not preclude an official from listening to all special interest groups.  Special interest groups in Lake County include Firefighters (Public Safety), Police Benevolence Association (Public Safety), Local Homebuilders, Local Realtors, ICaucus (Political – Independence Caucus), and Farm Bureau ( Agricultural Issues).

I believe all elected officials should listen to special interest groups, even if that group doesn’t support that elected official. In Lake County, “special interest” groups are comprised of men and women who live and work in Lake County. They are regular people, not paid lobbyists.  Many have children in local schools and serve at their local church.

These “special interest” groups vet candidates for local races because they want to make sure qualified candidates are elected who will listen to their concerns – just like any voter would.

Backed by Special Interest

All three of my opponents have accused me of being “special interest” backed in a derogatory way.

Friends, it is an indisputable fact that all three of my opponents have sought support from some or all of these special interest groups. I have seen each one at various “special interest” interviews requesting an endorsement.  So the question for my opponents is; if being supported by “special interest” is so bad, why did each and every one of you interview and seek support form a “special interest” group?

The answer is simple. My opponents are using this rhetoric because they have a bad case of sour grapes. It’s very easy to pull the “special interest” card when you didn’t get any endorsements.

“Every candidate should serve everyone. They should look at everybody’s opinion and weigh it, not just at what one particular special interest group dictates.”

One of my opponents – July 2010 Daily Commercial

I couldn’t agree more.  To date, I have received the following endorsements:

  • ICaucus – vets candidates to determine their foundation in the US Constitution
  • Professional Firefighters of Lake County – commitment to Public Safety
  • Police Benevolence Association – commitment to Public Safety
  • Local Homebuilders – represents local businesses that remodel and construct our homes
  • Lake County Farm Bureau – represents agricultural interests

I am honored to have these endorsements.

Don’t fall for my opponent’s rhetoric. They are all backed by their own self-interest. All three candidates are largely supported by their own money – check the Supervisor of Elections office website to see. Is it possible they are trying to buy their way onto the County Commission and trick you into believing they have no special interest?  Yes.

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